Traveling Information 2015

This is a reminder for you as an F-1 student. If you are traveling outside of the United States for Thanksgiving, Christmas, J-term or Spring 2016, you must see me to have me sign your I-20 to validate it for travel. Additionally, when you bring your I-20 to be signed, please bring your passport and your F-1 visa so that we can ensure that we have up to date copies in our office.


Remember, it’s your responsibility to have your I-20 endorsed when you travel and to make sure that your F-1 visa and passport are valid for the duration of your travel.


You MUST always travel with:

I-20, recently signed by a Messiah College DSO (Hope Newcomer)

A passport valid for at least 6 months from the date you plan to return to the USA

A valid US F-1 Student visa. Make sure it will not expire before your anticipated return to the USA, or else you will need to apply for a new one before your return to the USA.


Additionally, it is advisable to carry the following with you:

Verification of Enrollment Letter from your DSO (Hope Newcomer) stating that you are in legal status in SEVIS and registered for classes for the following semester.

Financial proof: a copy of your paid bill from Messiah College, bank statements and/or sponsor letters

All previous I-20s

Emergency contact numbers of Messiah College personnel in case you have difficulties at immigration (mine is at the bottom of this email)


Please remember to let me know if you change your major, add/drop a minor, or if your family moves! All of these things need to be updated in the SEVIS system. If you look at your most recent I-20, it lists the major that is on record with SEVIS for you. If this is no longer accurate due to a change, please email me so that I can update SEVIS and print a new I-20 for you.

Some of you have heard that there is a new Form 1-20 format. You do not need to have a new I-20 immediately, but I will print a new form if you are traveling.


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