Seeking Amigo mentors for 2013–2014

My first year at Messiah College, I had the opportunity to be a part of the AMIGO mentoring program pilot year. Even though the program was in its infant stage the relationships between the voluntary mentors and mentees quickly flourished and is now, a year later, double in size.

The entire concept of the program revolves around the idea of constructing bonds between multicultural upper and underclass students in an open environment. Last year, as an incoming first-year student, it was nice to have someone to go to—someone already set apart that had an understanding of the place I found so unfamiliar.

Now I’m a mentor and can offer my understanding and experiences with those slowly finding their feet at Messiah. Sometimes life can get hectic at college (and when I write sometimes, I mean most of the time), so it’s nice having specific time carved out to talk to someone who may not already be grossly involved in every aspect of your life, having a third-party observer to process things with is one of my favorite aspects of the program. And at the end of the day there is an understanding that even though there are the titles of “mentor” and “mentee” in the relationship, it goes beyond that, and you know there is a solid friendship there.

—Amie Bantz, Amigo Mentor 2012

Applications for mentors are now being received and are due MARCH 8, 2013. Requirements and application on our website.


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